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Be As Rough As You Want, It’s My First Time

Posted in Dark Rum Chronicles, first page, Nick Drama, spec script, The Adventures of Nick Drama on August 26, 2009 by alaindominic

So, in the interest of putting my money (which I really have none) where my mouth is (which I possibly have too much of), following is the first page of a spec screenplay I’m getting ready to market.

By “getting ready” I mean the spec is complete and polished and I’m currently researching and targeting buyers (managers, talent, prodcos, agents, in that order).
Once I finish the spec I’m currently in the middle of writing, I’ll start approaching those buyers, entering contests, etc with both.

Sorry @ the terrible formatting, I haven’t been able to figure out how to properly format screenplay excerpts for this blog yet. If anyone knows how, please enlighten.

Any feedback – even the snarky kind – will be received with great appreciation. But I’d really like to know if you think the following accomplishes what a first page should: set tone, time and place, establish character, hook you into wanting – HAVING – to turn the page, read as its own “mini-story”, etc. So without further adieu…

Dark Rum Chronicles: The Adventures of Nick Drama
Alain Dominic



A FIST connects with NICK DRAMA’S jaw, sending him reeling the opposite direction into — another fist.

Late 30’s. Scruffy. Hawaiian shirt. Cargo shorts. Nick resembles a ranch hand turned surfer, like he should be on vacation sipping a drink with a pink umbrella. Yet —

ANOTHER FIST. Looks like that drink’ll have to wait.

See, Nick’s a little preoccupied with the FOUR BLACK-CLAD MERCENARIES gleefully tenderizing him.

Another vicious blow and Nick’s legs give out.

NICK in mid-fall, semiconscious.

Drama. I don’t like it. Unfortunately, its my last name.

NICK’S HEAD smacks the concrete floor with a dull thud, bouncing slightly.

That’s me. Nick Drama. The handsome feller getting his eggs scrambled right there.

A swiftly moving combat boot swallows Nick’s vision. Another kick flips him on his back.

And if you’re wondering how an average Joe like me gets himself into a jam like this, well brother you ain’t flying solo,‘cause right about now old Nick finds himself pondering that very same question.

A HAND roots a dusty beer bottle from the floor. Smashes the end off. Angles the jagged edge toward Nick.
A TATTOO OF A WATER SNAKE winding its way across the knuckles distinguishes this hand from the other Mercenaries. This bastard’s clearly their LEADER.

End pg. 1.
Ok, let me have it!