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The Who, the What and the Why

Posted in Alain, breaking in, Dominic, Hollywood, screenwriting, writers on January 4, 2009 by alaindominic

Welcome. My name is Alain Dominic, and this blog was created to connect and share the highs and lows, insights and outsider perspectives of just another poor schlub trying to break into the Biz. Well, maybe not “just another” schlub, because although I am a relative beginner, I happen to take this pretty seriously (the job, not myself).

I’m dedicated to my craft in every way, from living the life of a writer to developing the mind of a writer to paying attention to the busine$$ of writing.┬áIt’s not a job or a dream but a lifestyle, and so far, not a very glamourous one. But if you truly embrace the journey, every step – every – step – becomes rewarding. Every moment of your life becomes richer and more intense than the bland seconds, days and years other mere mortals let slip through their fingers.

I have written six scripts. I have yet to sell one. I am about to start submitting my first spec that is solidly commercial and I feel is ready for the market. If you’re curious to see what happens next, keep checking in. I’ll try to update at least every couple of days. If however, you’re pretty sure you’ll never visit this site again, then in the well crafted poetics of the first girl I ever asked out — beat it, freak.