FREE Professional Screenwriting Software

A quick note to all those out there who need properly formatted scripts but don’t have/can’t afford pro software like Final Draft, Script Thing, etc.

GET CELTX!! Before I got final draft I wrote using Celtx version 1, a wonderful writing program that’s easy to use, professionally standardized, has different templates for stage plays, teleplays and feature screenplays, and above all, it’s FREE! After I switched to Final Draft I found myself missing some Celtx extras, like being able to store your projects online, the Celtx community boards, etc.
Celtx just rolled out their version 2, which is new, improved, and still FREE! For those of you who don’t have and can’t afford proper writing software, Celtx is a can’t miss and will make your life much easier! To check out or download the new version of Celtx just go to

PS – I am in no way connected to or affiliated with Celtx, this is just a genuine endorsement from someone who used (and may go back!) and was impressed by their software.


2 Responses to “FREE Professional Screenwriting Software”

  1. charmaine Says:

    Is Celtx WGA-approved format? Thanks.

    • Hi Charmaine,
      Thanks for checking out the Dangerous blog! The WGA doesn’t necessarily put their “stamp of approval” on any software, but Celtx does use industry standard format. I’ve never had any problems.
      Also, since I’m not conversant with all the WordPress bells & whistles yet, I rarely post on here anymore. If you want to read more current posts from my blog, go to
      Thanks again & good luck!


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