Too Funny…

Not the greatest video, but funny, and most importantly for our purposes, instructional. A few days ago no one knew who these assistants were, they were nameless and faceless to the rest of the industry. But by creating this video, they have created “buzz” around themselves. I’m sure by week’s end they’ll at least have an agent, if not a production deal! All because they thought out of the box and created their own project instead of waiting around for someone to hand them one. A good lesson for writers – why not shoot what you write? Make a web video, webisodes, a short film, whatever. Lesson  being, don’t wait for anyone to give you permission – go out and make your own breaks. I have a tendency to write big and expensively, but I’m trying to focus on smaller fare too, the kind I can shoot on the cheap. Also looking into graphic novels, so if your best bud happens to be an aspiring comic artist searching for unsucky material, let me know.
Also, on a mechanics of writing level, think how much better this video would be if it were about 2 minutes shorter – less is always more! Think of this when you’re editing your scenes – the shorter they are, the more powerful they will be. Always leave them wanting more…
Hollywood ASST from Back of the Class on Vimeo.

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